Friday, 31 July 2009

Malinda , her stepmother and her sisters

This is actually a cheat as I created these and blogged them on my other blog, much earlier in the year but I suddenly realized that I hadn't put them on here. This is for posterity ... and for all the ladies who visit this blog and leave me such nice comments here and on UKS... thought you would like to read the story behind them. These are of DH's mother and siblings and were taken at St Leonards, Hastings where they lived at the time.

The younger girl is Winifred ... known for most of her life as 'Billie' and is half sister to the other two. She looks at least 12, making it about 1933. The older girls are Dorothy and Malinda,who would be by then about 20 and 22
Around the time of this photo, their father Tom started his relationship with Jane,'wife' No3. Linda (MIL) told me that Dorothy was commanded to run messages to Jane. She would not refuse him even though she hated it.

The second LO is of Linda, as she preferred to be called, walking along the pier with her step mother ...'wife' No 2.
I think this may be a few years later than the other and I see that I have dated it late 30's, on the LO hard to work out these dates. Has anyone any thoughts on the possible dates of these photos? Do you think I'm about right?

Again, I am not sure when Tom left them but his first child, with Jane, was born in 1934 and so he could have been running two households for a while!!!. Jane was only just over a year older than his oldest child, Linda and went on to have five more children, four of whom were boys. (His only other son was the baby who died ... in the earlier LO)
I have a poor photo of Tom around this time and I cannot imagine what this young girl saw in him ... I think it was his charm. He stayed with her for over 30 years.

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Morning's Minion said...

I landed here after reading your comment on Ginger Cat's Tales. Family History is one of my passions. I have many old photos which I have been scanning into my PC, have used a few in stories on my recently started blog. The work you have done with your vintage photos is lovely--I wish I was clever with paste and paper.

Morning's Minion said...

Angie, Thank you for visiting my blog. I want to explore yours--it'll be a cup of tea in my case, with a few moments to read.
My only "craftiness" is making quilts. Scrapbook supplies are very available. but I've been afraid I would buy them and not get my vintage photos mounted or, worse, would make a mess. Any kind of glue and I don't mix well.

my5bratz said...

again, simply MINDBLOWING...I hope that future generations appreciate the priceless heirlooms that you are creating for them...wish you were part of my family :0)

Kit said...

beautiful LOs they are just so lovely and vintagey

LadyBug said...

Great LO's those backing papers are very striking!

Carmen said...

These are fabulous again. I wish they made swimsuits like that these days - I might be tempted into a swimming pool then :P

So strange seeing Hastings back then - I am down there so often visiting Craigs parents.

Pam said...

More fascinating family history. Tom sounds like a bit of a love rat!!

Glen said...

What lovely work Angie. Not only do you do genealogy, you scrap the photos too. It's an inspiration to me. Thank you for leaving lovely comments on my blog. ~Glen~