Monday, 29 June 2009

Catherine Mary Browning

Catherine was the youngest of the four sisters and was to remain separated from her older two sisters for most of her life, by The North Atlantic Ocean. She did not see them for over 40 years but was the one who tracked down their father in 1965, in Deal. In the mid 1930's he had started a new life with new 'wife' No 3 and no one knew where he was.

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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Orange Picking.

This is my latest LO. This is Bessie and Tom, with Linda and Dorothy and the baby refered to on the postcard, is Betty, their little sister. It is likely that Bessie's sister, Mary, was looking after her.
The original photo was the picture on the postcard, which I scanned and then used the two different copies for the LO.

The family lived in Georgia in 1915 and I think that it may have been a working holiday near by (or posibly Florida) just like the Hop Pickers in Kent.
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