Thursday, 30 April 2009

In Memorium

MIL had said to me that she had a brother who died soon after birth and that her parents were devastated. When I started doing FH, every one I asked (after her death) said I had got it wrong and that there were only the 4 girls from his first wife. This picture, sent by my American cousin, shows Baby Boy Browning 1917, laid out for burial … morbid I know but he was much longed for, he is part of our FH and the parents must have wanted to remember him and others to see the photo.

I hope this does not upset anyone.

Thank You for looking at this blog
Angie xx

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Can you help me date this photo?

This is Bessie again but older and I am pleased with the result especially as I am using papers, flowers and ribbons given to me by a friend Lori, after she had finished using a kit she had.
I shall probably do another LO to compliment the colours for the opposite page of the album because, as I have said before, I prefer DL’s or a colour connection rather than random LO's.
I have outlined the date problem on 'Shozzy's Place' so any ideas are truely welcome.
Thanks for looking xx