Friday, 15 May 2009

My Mothers Tree

These are my mother’s paternal grand parents and the photos are from the mid 1890’s.

They had four children but the first two died before they were two and the youngest of those that survived, was my mothers father.
George left his parents and seven sisters, in Cornwall, before he was 18, to work in London for a Draper as a Hosier. He met Emma there when she started working at the shop, which by this time had a frontage of three shops. They married in 1861 and had their first child a year later. By 1871 he had his own Drapers shop with two assistants and one servant.

I wondered why he had chosen drapery until I found out that his mother and sisters were milliners and dressmakers and so he followed them rather than his father who was a carpenter.

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Angie xx