Sunday, 1 November 2009

Lily McMillian ... nee Ritchie.

Lily Ritchie was the grand daughter of the David shown in the last LO. Her father, also David, was his oldest son. Things get really confusing with so many David Ritchies' ....sorry!

Her father followed his father and became an apprentice mason and then a builder and finally a Master builder, living his life in Cupar. He was very fond of his drink and sadly died three years before her marriage ...of alcoholism ... in his late 50's.

Lily loved her Amateur Dramatics as can be seen in the shot with an umbrella and was greatly admired for her beauty, when she was young but it is said she was determined to make a good match. She met and in 1925, married Donald McMillian, who was 10 years her senior but comfortably well off ..... his trade ... a Merchant.
Soon after their marriage they moved to South America and their children Margaret and Donald were born. They returned to Scotland in 1933 from Ecuador. Even in her latter years she remained a striking woman

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LadyBug said...

wonderful! story and LO! love the addition of the lace behind the frames.

Morning's Minion said...

I looked at these close up wanting to see details of the women's clothing. Are the frames made from a velvet-like material? I like the rubbed edges which give a vintage appearance. I marvel at the patience and dexterity required to make such tidy layouts!
This handsome family looks stable and comfortable--as if it was a good marriage and a contented companionship.

Carmen said...

Beautiful pages and great stories again. I also love the lace.

I keep finding myself thinking about your other story, the nurse who stood up to the doctors. It's really stayed with me that one. You are doing such an amazing thing for your family recording all this, you seemed to have some amazing people in your past.

Have you seen that advert on the TV where people walk past and the ancestors are saying 'find me' - I always think of you when it comes on :) Gives me chills some of them so goodness knows what it does when you actually find out these things.

Linda Elbourne said...

Love the lace ... love the flower ... love the title ... love the way you have popped on the years ... love the angle of the photos ... love the paper ... What is not to love ... fabulous work as always X

Bovey Belle said...

These photos are wonderful - and the stories behind them. I am in a family history period at the moment too (usually happens each autumn/winter). I shall have to work my way back through all your entries now!

The way they are presented gives them a greater cache too. Lovely work.

my5bratz said...

yet another wonderful FH LO :0)

Claireliz said...

Lovely LO & great stories. have had a read back, really interesting

Shazza said...

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Linda said...

Gorgeous LOs! Great story too! I particularly love the 1960s photo, she looks just like how I remember my Grandmothers! Your LOs are so inspiring!

Thank you for your lovely comment on my 'Thoughts on Blogging' - very much appreciated:)

Julia Dunnit said...

All caught up now Angie, and am brim full of admiration: for your LOs, the photos that your family have kept, your loving attention to the photos, the stories and all the research. Again I have to say, I am really enjoying your blog.

DianaR said...

Hey there ~

I just gave you the Kreativ Blogger award!! You have SUCH a beautiful blog. I really love seeing the layouts you've done for your, no wait, OUR family history!!

Carmen said...

Great minds think alike, you have an award from me too Angie :)

Pam said...

beautiful layout-love the lace.

Kit said...

beautiful pages Angie, you have so much family history. Its wonderful that you are able to put all of these photos together in such a beautiful way.

I have fixed the problem on my blog now, went a bit crazy, sorry

Kit x

LadyBug said...

there's an Award on my blog for you please come and collect it.