Sunday, 5 July 2009

Reg, Marjory and Leslie

I am so thankful that I persuaded my Mum to jot down some of her memories when she was alive. This meant that I knew the background to this photograph when I came across it.

This is the day my Mum met Granny Crombie for the first time …well the first time she remembered. She was her mothers’ mother, it was 1920 and Marjory was barely three. Her granny was Mrs Ritchie, but the family used her maiden name …Crombie … not sure why.
On the day of the photograph the family had gone to visit her at Cupar, before going to the photographers. I think it was the visit that had caused her little sad face.

Mum remembered...
I felt afraid as I entered Granny Crombies’ house. It was dark and gloomy, unlike ours, and a large grandfather clock was loudly striking in the corner. Large dark furniture filled the room and the couch we three children were firmly instructed to sit on, seemed so uncomfortable. I wanted to wriggle about because the horsehair stuffing was sticking through the black shiny covering and pricking my legs but I was too scared to move too much. We didn’t stay long and I was glad.”
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Carmen said...

What a great story and so perfect to have your Mums own words. Do you include them on the lo's you do?

Angie said...

Hi Carmen ... I have them all typed up like a book and I just thought, the other day, that bits would add interest on the blog when I do a LO.

Coffeedoff said...

Another great story, I wish I had written down my Mum's memories.

my5bratz said...

again Im blown's amazing to hear these stories and I hope yuor family appreciates the priceless heirlooms you are creating..